Part-Time Contracted Hearing Officer

The Part Time Contracted Hearing Officer will be responsible for conducting designated appeal hearings for the Health Connector, including eligibility appeals and healthcare tax penalty appeals. The Hearing Officer must be an attorney licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  The Hearing Officer is an independent contractor.  Hearing Officers work a variable schedule, although typically they hear appeals at the Health Connector 8-24 hours per month and are paid for decision writing time conducted off-site. The schedule is dependent on need and Hearing Officer availability. Compensation is $70.00/hour.

Key Responsibilities

  • Convene hearing and clearly explain procedures which govern the hearing
  • Hear testimony, and identify and mark exhibits
  • Provide an impartial hearing
  • Assure that record is fully developed and all issues adequately addressed
  • Assure that an accurate recording of the hearing is made and archived according to prescribed protocols
  • Render a written decision based on relevant regulations and standards within the time frames required by law and/or Health Connector Appeals Unit policy


The Contracted Hearing Officer must be able to:

  • Gather information through questioning individuals and examining records and documents.
  • Maintain accurate records.
  • Prioritize workload in order to complete all work within prescribed time frames.
  • Communicate effectively in oral expression.
  • Exercise discretion in handling confidential information.
  • Give written and oral instructions in a precise, understandable manner.

Interested: Send cover letter and resume to

Please note: Due to the requirement of 268A, please complete the disclosure form and return with your application.

About the Health Connector: The Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority (Health Connector) is an independent public authority serving as the Affordable Care Act (ACA)-compliant marketplace for the Commonwealth. The organization is charged with providing subsidized and unsubsidized health insurance to individuals and small employers. The Health Connector also oversees policy development related to health care reform under both state and federal laws, as well as conducting public education and outreach about health care reform and coverage opportunities.


The Health Connector is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity as a vital characteristic of its work force.  We consider qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual identity, national origin or disability.

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