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Wellness Track for Small Businesses


What is Wellness Track?

Wellness Track offers you the opportunity to earn a rebate of up to 15% on your premium contribution by promoting a healthy workforce.

What can Wellness Track do for me and my business?

  • Save up to 15% on your share of employee health insurance premiums
  • Increase productivity
  • Boost job satisfaction and morale
  • Create a healthier environment for you and your employees

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Wellness Track Rebate Eligibility

  • You are a Business Express member
  • Your Business Express plan covers up to 25 employees*

*Sole proprietorships are not eligible to participate in Wellness Track.

Wellness Track Rebate Requirements


  1. Create a Healthier Work Environment:
    Simply choose from three easy-to-use health and wellness toolkits: nutrition, physical activity or stress management
  2. Promote Employee Engagement in Wellness Track:
    Offer your employees rewards for healthy activities: health and wellness gift card or a paid day off


  1. Schedule a Physical OR Complete a Confidential Online Health Assessment**
    Employees can simply visit their doctor or complete an online health evaluation
  2. Complete a Toolkit Activity (optional)

Employees can earn an employee reward by completing a preselected activity from your chosen toolkit

**No personal health information will be requested

For more detailed information, click here →

Ready to Sign Up?

If you are already registered in Business Express, simply email connector-wellnesstrack@state.ma.us or call the Wellness Track Hotline at 617-933-3049 to register for Wellness Track within minutes.

If you’re not a Business Express member, when you register for any Business Express health plan, check the Wellness Track box on the signature page and you will be on your way to getting a rebate of up to 15% on your premium contribution.

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