These policies are for insurance plans offered through the Health Connector. From time to time, our policies may change, so check back often.

Please note that if you need a copy of a policy document, call Customer Service at 1-877-623-6765 or TTY: 1-877-623-7773 during normal business hours. Support is available in all languages.

Policy Groups:

  • Common Policies (for both individuals and families and small businesses)
  • Non-group Policies (for individuals and families only)
  • Small-group Policies (for Health Connector for Business, only)

Common Policies

Non-Group Small Group Dental
Number Type Title ConnectorCare + Advance Premium Tax Credit Advance Premium Tax Credit Health Connector Plan Business Express Business Select Business Choice
CM-1 Eligibility Domestic Partner Eligibility
CM-2 Enrollment Enrollee Age-Out
CM-3 Payment Premium Billing and Payments
CM-4 Payment Refunds
CM-5 Miscellaneous Nondiscrimination

Non-Group Policies

Number Type Title ConnectorCare + Advance Premium Tax Credit Advance Premium Tax Credit Health Connector Plan Dental
NG-1A Eligibility Eligibility for Individual/Family Plan
NG-1B Eligibility Eligibility for Federal and State Financial Support for Individual/Family Plan
NG-1C Eligibility Rules for American Indians/Alaska Natives (Indians)
NG-1D Eligibility Eligibility for Catastrophic Plans
NG-1E Eligibility Mid-Year Life Events or Qualifying Events
NG-1F Eligibility This policy has been consolidated. See policy NG-1E above.
NG-2 Eligibility Redetermination During the Benefit Year
NG-3 Enrollment Enrollment in Individual/Family Plan
NG-3A Enrollment Dependent Eligibility and Verification
NG-4 Enrollment Open Enrollment Period For Individual/Family
NG-5A Enrollment Enrollment Timelines
NG-5B Enrollment Coverage Effective Dates
NG-6A Enrollment Termination of Coverage – Voluntary
NG-6B Enrollment Termination of Coverage – Non-Payment of Premium
NG-7 Enrollment Renewal of Coverage
NG-8 Rating Premium Rating and Re-Rating – Qualified Health Plans
NG-9 Rating Rating and Re-Rating – Qualified Dental Plans
NG-10 Payment Left over APTC applied to QDP
NG-11 Payment Waiver or Reduction of Premium
NG-12 Misc. Undeliverable Mail