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About the Commonwealth Health Connector Insurance Authority

The Massachusetts Health Connector is the country’s first and longest running state-based marketplace, having been created in 2006 to provide high-value coverage to individuals and small businesses in the Commonwealth and to serve as a policy and outreach hub for both state and federal health reforms designed to expand and improve coverage.

The Health Connector’s 13-year history allows it to draw from a rich set of experiences and lessons acquired in the several ‘chapters’ of its existence, first as a state-designed independent public entity at the forefront of the state’s pioneering health reform law, Chapter 58 of the Acts of 2006, and later as an ACA-compliant state-based marketplace (SBM) when the federal reform law that was heavily influenced by Massachusetts’s approach to coverage expansion and insurance market reform was implemented.

Even within those two key chapters of marketplace experience lays a multitude of program and policy experiences and lessons that have shaped the present-day Health Connector, including the coverage it provides to over a quarter million Massachusetts residents and the role it plays in the wider health care landscape in the Commonwealth.

Mission statement

Advance access to high-quality health care by serving as a transparent and transformative marketplace for Massachusetts residents and small businesses to come together and easily find, compare, and enroll in affordable health insurance.


  • Structure a health insurance eligibility and shopping experience that makes it easy for individuals and small businesses to understand their health insurance options and choose, enroll in and maintain coverage that best meets their needs.
  • Promote affordability in the health insurance market and health care system through the power of transparent competition.
  • Capably assess and execute health care reform policymaking and other regulatory responsibilities to promote health insurance coverage and shared responsibility for sustaining health care reform.
  • Fully embody the high standards inherent to serving as the Commonwealth’s official public Health Insurance Exchange.
  • Promote robust public engagement.

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