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Massachusetts led the nation in 2006 with a comprehensive health care reform law and the establishment of a new Marketplace: the Massachusetts Health Connector, designed to make affordable health insurance available to more people. In 2020, over 300,000 Massachusetts residents have health insurance through the Health Connector, and our state has the highest rate of health insurance coverage in the nation. National health reform builds upon the successful example set by Massachusetts. As a result, individuals, families, and small businesses who go to the Health Connector can find even more options, enhanced benefits, and savings.

Recent Publications

NEW Massachusetts Health Connector COVID-19 Special Enrollment Period: Results to Date

May 1, 2020—This brief is designed to provide data and analysis (to-date) on supports for state residents to access and maintain their coverage through the duration of the national COVID-19 crisis. The Health Connector’s existing programs paired with new policy strategies aim to expand coverage to the remaining and newly uninsured (particularly those who may be losing job-based health coverage) and protect coverage for current members.

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Striving for meaningful choice: Non-group health plans on the Massachusetts Health Connector product shelf

January 2019—This brief is designed to provide data and analysis relative to the breadth of choices offered since the Health Connector’s inception to members purchasing outside the curated plan sets of Commonwealth Care or ConnectorCare. Although subsidized plans represent a larger share of the Health Connector’s membership, there are a limited number of standardized plans serving those members. Through examination of the way in which consumers select a single plan from the dozens available, the Health Connector will continue to refine its approach to plan offerings as well as tailoring decision support tools.

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Massachusetts Medicaid Buy-in Study

October 2018—Report on the feasibility of establishing a small employer premium sharing plan for participation in the MassHealth program.

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Progress Reports

Each year, the Health Connector publishes a booklet highlighting what we’ve accomplished and who we’ve helped.

Market-wide Risk Adjustment

The Health Connector administered the market-wide risk adjustment program for the small and non-group merged market for plan years effective January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2016.

Beginning in 2017, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service began conducting risk adjustment for the Massachusetts market.

The Massachusetts-specific approach to risk adjustment was detailed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters 2016 (PDF) released March 27, 2015.

The Technical specifications workbook (MS Excel) is also publicly available:

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