Here are some important features that are common to all Health Connector dental plans:

For children under 19 years of age on any plan:

  • The out-of-pocket maximum is $350 for one; $700 for two or more
  • There is never an annual benefit maximum
  • Medically necessary orthodontia is covered (and some offer cosmetic coverage)

For adults 19 years of age or older, on any plan:

  • There is no out-of-pocket maximum
  • There is an annual benefit maximum (which may vary)
  • Orthodontia of any kind is not a covered benefit

While shopping, pay close attention to these features, which are different from plan to plan:

  • Monthly Premiums
  • Co-insurance amounts (percentage of cost that the plan pays) differ for:
  • Preventive and diagnostic services, such as cleanings, x-rays, treatments and sealants
  • Basic restorative services, such as fillings and extractions
  • Major restorative services, such as crowns, bridges, dentures
  • Orthodontia, both medically-necessary and (when covered) cosmetic
  • Deductibles and annual benefit maximums (for adults only)
  • Some plans have smaller provider networks as indicated in the Summaries of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs) – you may search for specific providers by clicking on the provider search links below. In addition, some plans do not pay for covered services if you see a dentist who is not in the plan’s network. These plans are labeled as having no out-of-network coverage in the SBCs below.
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Click on any box to download a side-by-side comparison of available plan benefits and sample premiums:

Basic Coverage

For plans that include preventative, diagnostic, and basic restorative coverage (such as cleanings, x-rays, fluoride treatments, sealants, fillings and extractions)

Basic Coverage

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Comprehensive Coverage

For plans that include more comprehensive coverage, including all of the preventative and basic restorative coverage plus crowns, bridges, and dentures

Comprehensive Coverage

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Explore Summaries of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)

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