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Employer Coverage Analyst and Outreach Manager

The Employer Coverage Analyst and Outreach Manager will serve as a policy and outreach lead for the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority (Health Connector) as it launches new health insurance coverage options for small businesses. The individual in this position will function as a subject matter expert and external stakeholder contact for small group coverage. The position will report to the Deputy Chief of Policy and Strategy and will be full-time. Responsibilities include: Build and support relationships with stakeholders, employers, and brokers throughout the Commonwealth related to the Health Connector’s policy responsibilities and coverage programs for Massachusetts employers Serve as outreach manager, designing and conducting comprehensive community engagement efforts designed to build awareness among Massachusetts employer community and brokers who serve them of coverage options available at the Health Connector Serve as lead subject matter expert on commercial small group insurance for the Health Connector, in support of its small group market platform (“Health Connector for Business”) and supporting state-based employer-related health policy efforts Alongside others on the policy and legal teams, responsible for reviewing federal regulations and proposals and analyzing their implications for the Health Connector’s policies, particularly those related to the commercial merged market Assist in the development of policy proposals and analysis for Health Connector leadership, Board of Directors, and others Track state and national efforts to understand consumer and employer needs relevant to health insurance selection and access Participate in a range of analytic and research efforts undertaken by the Connector’s policy team Assist in translating [...]

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Senior Advisor for State Innovation Waivers

PART-TIME TEMPORARY POSITION – June 2017–September 1, 2017 The Senior Advisor for State Innovation Waivers will support the Policy team of the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority (Health Connector) as it leads the Commonwealth’s consideration of state flexibility afforded by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and other related federal laws. The individual in this position will report to the Deputy Chief of Policy and Strategy and will function as a subject matter expert in flexibility available under Section 1332 of the ACA, particularly with regard to federal tax and budget policy. This position will collaborate with internal staff and other state or federal agencies as needed to provide analysis on the Commonwealth’s Section 1332 waiver considerations. This position is a part-time, temporary position with an end date of September 1, 2017. Specific Responsibilities Include: Analyze options for the Commonwealth under an ACA Section 1332 Waiver or other federal health reform policy options Serve as a subject matter expert on state flexibility waivers and tax and budget-related provisions of the ACA, particularly with respect to federal “guardrails” governing such waivers Develop recommendations to the Administration on state flexibility waivers Assist in the development of application to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on agreed-upon areas of desired flexibility Required Qualifications: Policy analysis and implementation experience with the Affordable Care Act, ideally in a state or federal government setting Substantive knowledge of national health reform and health insurance, including both public and private market coverage rules Substantive knowledge of national [...]

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Manager, Quality and Training

The Manager, Quality and Training is responsible for creating, implementing and maintaining comprehensive quality and training programs for the Health Connector. The Manager, Quality and Training will work collaboratively with internal staff and external vendors and stakeholders to develop a quality and training program that will educate consumers and lead to improved service for Health Connector members. Responsibilities include: Work with internal staff, vendors and members of other agencies to implement an umbrella management function that brands, centralizes, and standardizes training, job support, and quality management across all outreach and service channels; provide the direction needed for long-term scalability and consistency. Provide expertise and support related to instructional/informational design and development, appropriate content treatment and media, and effective delivery strategies. Lead the streamlining of current reference material and documentation; identify the need for new job aids, etc. Set and maintain standards for training templates, communications, review cycle and methodology. Coordinate review process and ensure approval of learning and support materials. Oversee design, implementation and maintenance of training program for system releases, program changes as well as small and large scale projects and initiatives. Work with call center, outreach and communications staff to develop streamlined, consistent training materials across all channels. Ensure consistency and ongoing maintenance for training documentation, knowledge management, user guides and policies and procedures. Play a hands-on and visible role with vendor(s) call centers related to training and quality; collaborate with internal staff and vendor(s) to assure standardization, communication, calibration, and consistency. Provide oversight to vendor(s) and lead [...]

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Massachusetts Health Connector and DC Health Link Create a First-in-the-Nation Partnership

The Health Connector Board of Directors today approved a first-in-the-nation collaboration with DCHBX, which manages and operates DC Health Link, the online health insurance marketplace in the District of Columbia. Through this partnership, starting this fall the Health Connector will use a separate branch of DC Health Link’s existing online platform to improve available offerings to small businesses and their employees – including the ability for employees to potentially select their own plan from a range of choices – while reducing long-term operational costs for the small-group online system.

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Identity (ID) Proofing: What you need to know

Identity Proofing (or ID Proofing) is one of the first steps of the process to apply for health coverage through the Health Connector website. ID proofing is a requirement of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and must be completed in order for you to submit an application through the Health Connector website. ID proofing is used to verify your identity and is done by asking you questions based on your personal and financial history. When you check credit report after ID Proofing, you may see an inquiry from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). CMS uses credit reporting agencies like Experian to verify the information on your eligibility application. This is only an inquiry and does not affect your credit score. Your eligibility application and credit score will not be affected by the inquiries from Experian or CMS. To protect your personal information, you have to take a few steps to verify your identity before you can complete an application. First, you will provide information when you create your profile. This information will be used for the first step of ID proofing. Once your information is verified, the ID proofing process will ask you questions that only you would be likely to know the answers to, based on your financial accounts and personal information on your credit report. This process is meant to prevent an unauthorized person from creating an account and applying for health coverage in your name without your knowledge. You should [...]

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Finish your enrollment by December 23rd for January 1, 2017 coverage

If you are renewing your health insurance through the Health Connector for 2017, or are applying for the first time, the deadline to complete your enrollment for coverage that starts January 1 is December 23, 2016. Take action now to be sure that you’ve completed these steps to finish your January 1st enrollment: Complete all of the required information to find out what type of coverage or savings you qualify for, like tax credits, a ConnectorCare plan, or MassHealth. Make sure your information is as up-to-date as possible if you are a renewing member. If you qualify for a Health Connector or ConnectorCare plan, you can use our Shopping Guides and new Provider Search tool to help find a quality health and dental plan to meet your needs and budget. Once you choose a plan, you must make your first premium payment, in full, by December 23, 2016 for your coverage to start January 1, 2017. You can set up monthly recurring payments online so your bill will always be paid on time each month. There are 4 ways to make a payment. Learn about them now → If you are a renewing member and have already set up automatic recurring payments, then you do not need to set up a new recurring payment. Your new premium will be deducted on December 22nd, even if you enrolled in a plan with a different insurance company.  Congratulations. Once you have finished your enrollment, [...]

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As Health Connector Deadline for January Plans Looms, Members and New Applicants Take Steps for Enrollment

Nearly 28,000 members have switched plans for 2017, more than 24,000 new applicants have picked a plan or enrolled for the New Year BOSTON – December 14, 2016 – With the Dec. 23 deadline approaching for plans starting Jan. 1, 2017, more than 28,000 current Massachusetts Health Connector members have picked a new plan and more than 24,000 new applicants have lined up coverage for the New Year. Open Enrollment started Nov. 1 and runs through Jan. 31, but the Dec. 23 deadline is the most important of the year. For people – both current members and new applicants – who want new coverage for the New Year, the deadline to pick a plan and pay for it is nine days away. The federal deadline is Dec. 15, but Massachusetts residents have additional time under state rules to complete their enrollment. “We are pleased to see so many people, take the time to ‘stop, shop, enroll’ early in Open Enrollment and get into the best plan for their needs for 2017,” said Louis Gutierrez, the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Health Connector. “The deadline is Dec. 23 to get coverage for the New Year, which is important for both members who want a different plan next year, and for those who do not have insurance right now.” Before and throughout Open Enrollment, current members have been encouraged to shop for new 2017 plans, particularly those who would otherwise experience a large increase in premium. Members have been active during Open [...]

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Moving Your Health Care When You Choose a New Plan

Are you shopping for a new health plan this Open Enrollment? Use our Health Connector Shopping Guides to help you think about your health plan options this Open Enrollment. If you choose a new health plan, take these steps to transition (move) your health care from the health insurance plan you have now to your new health plan. In this post: What are the first steps I should take to transition (move) my health care to a new health insurance plan? What if I already scheduled surgery, tests, or doctor visits for after my new plan starts? What if my doctor or hospital is not covered through my new plan’s network? What if my medication is not covered through my new plan? What should I do when my new plan starts? What if I followed these steps, but am having trouble accessing health care in my new plan? How can I contact my new health plan with questions? What are the first steps I should take to transition (move) my health care to a new health insurance plan? If you need to change health care providers (such as doctors and hospitals you use) under your new plan, you may want to: Make sure you have enough refills on your prescriptions to last until your new plan starts and your new doctor can write you a prescription. Ask your current doctor or health plan for copies of your medical records, including any prior authorizations or referrals [...]

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Health insurance terms to know as you Stop, Shop & Enroll

Not really sure what an HMO really is? Do you only “Kinda, sorta” understand deductibles? Health insurance seems to have a language of its own and you want to be sure you’re choosing the right plan. Here, we’ll try to help you by explaining some of the most common terms you’ll see while you’re shopping for insurance. Co-insurance If a health care service has co-insurance, you pay a percentage (part) of the cost for that service. Usually, you start to pay co-insurance after you meet your deductible. It is not a fixed cost like a co-pay. The amount you pay depends on the total cost of the service. Co-pay A fixed price you pay when you get certain health care services. Not all services require a co-pay. Deductible The total amount you must pay in a plan year before your plan will pay for part or all of your services. Some services may not have a deductible. They may be free or just have a co-pay, even though you haven’t met the deductible yet. HMO HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization. If you choose a plan that is an HMO, you must use in-network providers in order to get your services covered. If you go to an out-of-network provider, the plan won’t cover the cost of your care, except in an emergency. If you enroll in [...]

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Massachusetts Health Connector Members Are Active Shoppers in First Days of Open Enrollment

Many callers using new shopping queue, usage of online provider significantly outpaces last year BOSTON – November 15, 2016 – Massachusetts Health Connector members, many of whom are facing significant premium changes for 2017, have been active shoppers in the first 11 days of Open Enrollment, considering new options for next year. Since the start of Open Enrollment on Nov. 1 through Nov. 11, one-in-five calls to the customer service line have been to a new shopping queue that gives members access to specially-trained representatives designated to work specifically on shopping questions. Also, online users are using the Health Connector’s provider search tool 90 percent more than the first 11 days of last year. “It is encouraging to see so many people taking the time to ‘stop, shop, enroll’ at the start of Open Enrollment, and I hope all of our members take the time to consider what plan is best for next year,” said Louis Gutierrez, the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Health Connector. “While premiums for next year are increasing for many of our members, it is quite likely most people can save money and maintain the same level of benefits they currently enjoy, particularly in our ConnectorCare program.” For those in unsubsidized plans experiencing higher increases, the Health Connector likely offers other plans with similar benefits and lower premiums. In the ConnectorCare program, which uses federal and state subsidies to lower members’ costs, almost everyone experiencing an increase can find a lower-cost plan with the same benefit structure [...]

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