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Baker-Polito Administration Secures Additional Year of Flexibility to Maintain Health Insurance Market Stability for Small Businesses

BOSTON – November 13, 2018 – The Baker-Polito Administration today announced it has secured from the U.S. Department of Human Services the flexibility to extend another year the existing use of small group rating factors to hold down premium increases and maintain stability in the market for small employers. The rating factors are permitted under state law, but are not aligned with requirements under federal law. Through a series of requests to the federal government, the Commonwealth has been able to maintain those state rating factors in order to avoid market disruption and maintain premium consistency for small employers. “We thank our federal partners for authorizing the continued use of state rating factors to provide stability and stabilize premium costs for small businesses in Massachusetts,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “With this important flexibility in place, we can continue to provide predictability to the market and continue to make health insurance more affordable to companies and their employees.” Massachusetts received a waiver in 2013 to allow a gradual transition to full compliance with the Affordable Care Act, and the waiver recognized the success of Massachusetts’ state health reform law passed in 2006 in expanding coverage. Massachusetts has the highest insured rate in the nation, with 97.5 percent of residents covered, an achievement supported by the latitude to continue some state insurance practices, such as rating factors permitted under state law. These state rating factors offer insurers greater flexibility to price insurance plans according to the traditional practices of the Massachusetts market, [...]

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Vendor Management and Outsourcing Strategy Intern

The Health Connector’s Vendor Management and Strategy Organization is seeking an intern to join the team for the Winter/Spring of 2018. This individual will participate in ongoing vendor contract management and outsourcing strategy with particular focus on research and benchmarking activities related to future outsourcer procurement efforts.  The individual will also prepare summary memos and scorecards and present findings to staff comparing vendor capabilities. Key Responsibilities include: Assist in the creation of outsourcer requirements documentation Conduct research activities to determine field of potential outsourcers Create and support comprehensive scorecard evaluation of potential outsourcers Assist in the creation of comprehensive Request for Information (RFI) documents Additional Responsibilities include: Assist the Manager of Vendor Relations and Strategy in the management of existing contract compliance Assist in the processing/tracking of Vendor invoices Assist with other business and operations projects, as needed Experience and Qualifications: Strong MS Office Suite skills, including but not limited to Excel and PowerPoint Strong research and writing skills Ability to work under pressure with tight timelines Ability to work in a team setting Ability to take initiative and work independently on projects Education: Undergraduate or Graduate Student in Business or Operations Management Salary: This is a paid internship. Length of Internship: September-December (minimum of 20 hours a week) The Health Connector is an independent state authority that has been designated as the official Massachusetts health benefits Exchange under the federal Affordable Care Act. In addition to overseeing the implementation of both state and federal health reform, the Connector is committed to enhancing [...]

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Health Connector Starts Open Enrollment 2018 With Full Range of Outreach and Support Activities

BOSTON – November 1, 2017 – The Massachusetts Health Connector starts Open Enrollment 2018 today, providing members and new applicants the opportunity to pick a health insurance plan for the New Year, and officially kicking off a full-scale, statewide outreach and education campaign. Massachusetts has the highest insured rate in the country, with 97.5 percent of the state’s residents covered according to the U.S. Census. The lead up to Open Enrollment has created national concern about outreach activities, particularly in states that are part of the federal government Exchange. Consistent with the Commonwealth’s mission to support access to affordable health coverage for everyone, the campaign emphasizes outreach and visibility in communities with higher uninsured rates. “Massachusetts is a leader in coverage and we remain committed to reaching everyone and providing access to health care to everyone,” said Louis Gutierrez, the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Health Connector. “Through our Navigators, community-based outreach, enrollment events and other methods, we are bringing the same energy to Open Enrollment as we have in past years.” Open Enrollment starts on Nov. 1, and runs through Jan. 23, 2018, longer than the Nov. 1-Dec. 15 federal deadline, and is consistent with past Massachusetts Open Enrollment periods. The Health Connector is planning a number of other outreach and enrollment support activities this year that mirrors the Exchange’s past commitment to comprehensive Open Enrollment activities. The Health Connector will fully fund the second year of its two-year grant cycle commitment to Navigators, supporting 16 agencies across the [...]

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Training and Data Analysis Intern – Winter/Spring 2018

The Health Connector is an independent state authority that has been designated as the official Massachusetts health benefits Exchange under the federal Affordable Care Act. In addition to overseeing the implementation of both state and federal health reform, the Connector is committed to enhancing the experience, services and health insurance products for individuals and small businesses shopping through the Exchange. The Connector is also responsible for overseeing policy and regulations geared toward furthering the goals of health reform. More information about the Connector and its programs is available at The Health Connector’s Customer Service and Operations Team is seeking an intern to join the team for the winter and spring of 2018. This individual will participate in ongoing operational activities with emphasis on data analysis, data collection and analysis of training quality with the outsourced vendor. Key Responsibilities include: Analyze performance metrics, quality reports, and survey results to assess the effectiveness of the training program Create and field a survey for customer service representatives and analyze results to assess competency of using IT systems; create recommendations for improvement Plan and conduct focus groups with customer service center supervisors and team leads to assess gaps in training Conduct internal interviews to assess needs and create a prototype of a monthly operations report Additional Responsibilities include: Assist with review of current training material and creation of new resources to support operations staff Provide project management and task tracking support, as needed Assist with other business and operations projects, as needed Experience [...]

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What the End of Cost-Sharing Reduction Payments Means for You

We understand that recent national news about the elimination of federal Cost-Sharing Reduction payments—or CSRs—may be confusing for members. To help members understand who may be impacted and what they should do, we have provided this guide to help you understand if you are impacted and what to do. What are Cost-Sharing Reduction payments? Cost-Sharing Reduction payments—or CSRs—are made by the federal government directly to health insurance carriers to help lower the cost of certain Silver tier plans for lower-income consumers. This discount helps lower the amount have to pay for deductibles, co-payments, and co-insurance, making Silver tier health plans more affordable for families who household income is 100% to 250% the federal poverty level. (This is an income range of about $24,600 to $61,500 per year for a family of four.) Are CSRs the same as Advance Premium Tax Credits? No. The Advance Premium Tax credit, or APTC, is a separate subsidy eligible members receive to help make insurance more affordable. APTC is a federal tax credit that—unlike tax credits you claim when you file your taxes—can be used right away to lower your monthly premium costs. This tax credit is not impacted by the recent Executive Order to end Cost-Sharing Reduction payments and will still be available for families who qualify. So, what does it mean for me now that Cost-Sharing Reduction payments are no longer available? To protect coverage for most members for 2018, the Health Connector has allowed for [...]

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Financial Integrity Program Analyst

The Financial Integrity Program Analyst will serve as the liaison between the Health Connector Operations, Finance, Policy, and IT teams and our third party vendors to ensure consistent and accurate financial results are produced for all internal constituencies, our members and carriers. This work will also provide results as required by regulatory agencies. The areas of focus include enrollment, billing, premium collection and bank reconciliation processes. Key Responsibilities: Serve as the Subject Matter Expert overseeing the implementation and application of finance best practices and accounting principles to operational processes and system outputs. Responsible for the development and oversight of a dashboard of activities and metrics which measure desired performance against actual results.  This work includes understanding and validating the inputs and outputs of the various underlining quality, validation, and control reports. Depending on the results of the dashboard, serve as the Principal Owner responsible for working with CCA staff and the Third party vendor(s) to present appropriate changes or solutions which achieve CCA’s strategic, operational and financial goals.  Responsible for leading cross functional teams in the execution of these agreed upon solutions; this includes the sign off of design documents and testing results. As overall Program Analyst, is responsible to ensure that CCA and third party vendor(s) meet deliverables of all financial integrity solutions and process improvements on time and on budget. Ensure CCA and vendor process documents have owners and are updated in a timely manner as changes are instituted. Conduct research and benchmarking on best practices for Financial [...]

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Infrastructure Manager

The Infrastructure Manager is a hands-on technology leader responsible for overseeing the Health Connector’s internal technology infrastructure, and the strategic implementation of outsourced systems. This role requires extensive experience in managing and supporting networks and system environments.  Candidates must possess hands-on experience in deploying, maintaining, and supporting production computing environments with multiple technologies. In addition, this role will also be responsible for participating in the implementation of sub-components of large strategic implementation project(s) or smaller end-to-end IT projects. Key Responsibilities:                                         Manage enterprise network and systems infrastructure, including defining and implementing appropriate opportunities for efficiency and optimization. Lead initiatives toward the continuous improvement of culture, technology, and processes to ensure alignment between business strategies and technology roadmaps. Provide governance toward ensuring the creation of project and application architecture deliverables that are consistent with architecture principles, standards, methodologies, and best practices. Define application technology strategy and maintain enterprise reference architecture, ensuring alignment with technology industry standards and business needs. Review and approve system/application security and infrastructure documents and detailed design specifications, ensuring that standards and best practices are followed and that designs and implementations align with business and strategic objectives. Responsible for defining technical evaluation criteria for product and technology selection, lead application technology procurement, and determine technical approaches to ensure all architectural solutions result in a coherent systems design. Work with business clients and product owners to review business drivers, needs, and strategies to anticipate future business / technology needs. Provide expert knowledge of system environments/architecture, and consult with business and [...]

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Manager of Contact Center Performance

The Manager of Contact Center Performance will be responsible for oversight of the Health Connector day-to-day activities performed by the vendor responsible for contact center delivery. This position does not entail direct management of call center staff but the monitoring of key contact center performance metrics and call forecasting. Metrics are used to inform training needs and ensure agents are providing best possible service to Health Connector members. This position requires close and collaborative work with the vendor responsible for contact center delivery in order to design, implement and monitor operational improvements to decrease calls, improve first call resolution, and improve call quality. This is a key role in the delivery of exceptional service to Health Connector members. Responsibilities include: Oversee day-to-day operations for the Health Connector contact center(s) including monitoring and evaluation of performance metrics, evaluating staffing levels and overseeing development and usage of contact center forecast models; create and oversee modification of plans as needed Own development and maintenance of contact center forecast(s) and associated staffing/training plans in order to ensure vendor(s) meets contractual requirements and best practice performance standards Responsible for monitoring contact center service level agreements and assessing incentives or penalties per contractual agreements with vendor Monitor Customer Satisfaction results, oversee vendor’s action plan to address negative responses and identify alternative methods to collect and respond to member feedback Play a hands-on and visible role with vendor(s) call centers related to training and quality; collaborate with internal staff and vendor(s) to assure standardization, communication, calibration, and [...]

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Massachusetts Health Connector Launches First Phase Of New Small-Business Online Portal

BOSTON – August 15, 2017 – The Massachusetts Health Connector today launched the first phase of its new small-group website, creating a system that will make it easier for employers and brokers to manage information and plans, and for employees to select coverage. Health Connector for Business will deliver new tools and benefits to brokers, employers and employees, making it easier to manage a company’s health insurance offering and delivering new options to businesses and employees. “We are pleased with the successful launch of the first phase of the Health Connector for Business website, and look forward to adding additional choices between carriers this November,” said Louis Gutierrez, the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Health Connector. “We are excited by the benefits and opportunity the new platform will deliver to our current participating companies, and those that come on board next year.” The new platform was developed through a unique partnership with the Washington, D.C., Health Benefit Exchange Authority, the health insurance Exchange in Washington, D.C. Through this partnership, the Health Connector uses a separate branch of the DC Health Link’s existing online platform to improve offering to small businesses and their employees, while reducing long-term operational costs for the small-group online system. The first phase launched today includes access to plans from three carriers, Boston Medical Center Health Plan, Fallon Community Health Plan and Health New England. Businesses renewing coverage this fall will transfer to the new system, and new groups can use the system to select plans from [...]

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Massachusetts Health Connector and DC Health Link Create a First-in-the-Nation Partnership

The Health Connector Board of Directors today approved a first-in-the-nation collaboration with DCHBX, which manages and operates DC Health Link, the online health insurance marketplace in the District of Columbia. Through this partnership, starting this fall the Health Connector will use a separate branch of DC Health Link’s existing online platform to improve available offerings to small businesses and their employees – including the ability for employees to potentially select their own plan from a range of choices – while reducing long-term operational costs for the small-group online system.

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